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Discovering the Best Car Dealerships in North Carolina
3 months ago

Car dealerships in North Carolina are plentiful. In addition to the hundreds of "piston and steel" dealership, you can also find specialty auto stores, body shops and tire shops. If you are shopping in North Carolina, odds are you are shopping for a used car. The best way to go about searching for a new or used car is to begin with searching locally. Look in the yellow pages of your local telephone book and see who is advertising in your area. Call each company individually and ask questions, as they are more than willing to talk with you.

One of the largest car dealerships in North Carolina is located in Franklin, in the state's far eastern portion. Auto dealer Franklin offers a large number of used and new vehicles. From executive sedans to luxury sedans, from pickups to SUVs, from Corvairs to AMC Minivans, you can find it all at Franklin Motors. In addition to running their own showroom, they also have a showroom located at their depot. Both types of dealership can be found on Hwy 12 outside of Franklin, just east of exit 34 off I-40.

Toyota of Greensboro is another great car dealership in North Carolina. They have outlets in Charlotte and Marietta. Many of the trucks that Toyota sells have been imported directly from Japan. Their vehicles are designed to be on the cutting edge of design and construction, and they boast many technological innovations, such as front headlamps that incorporate LED technology.

Nissan Motors of Jacksonville is one of the largest established auto manufacturers in the Sunshine State. They have outlets in Charlotte, with one in Jacksonville. In addition to cars, they also sell trucks, vans, and motorcycles. Nissan manufactures both passenger and truck models, with an emphasis on fuel economy. Their manufacturing has led the industry in terms of production efficiency and overall cost savings.

Just north of Jacksonville at the Largo truck center, is Gulf Coast Auto Mall. It is a huge complex consisting of over 200 individual dealerships. In addition to the large number of vehicle lots, there are over a hundred new and used car lots owned by independent sellers throughout the state. This makes finding your next car easy when traveling through the Gulf of Mexico or the Southeast.

Many people travel from points south to take advantage of the great Nissan dealerships in North Carolina. Nissan serves all the area with more than just cars. They also serve with accessories for everything from security systems to televisions. If you live in Burlington, you can drive a short distance to the Largo truck center, which offers everything from the best prices in the area to a great selection. In addition, it is just a short drive to Charlotte, home of NASCAR and other motorsports events. For more insights, check out New Bern car dealers.


There are also lots of other automotive outlets, such as Dodge ram, Chrysler, Toyota, and many others. In addition, you can find a lot of specialty suppliers just a few miles north of the Largo center. The largest automotive hub in the state is located in Charlotte, where you can find car dealerships in Charlotte, Johnson City, and Surfside. The Charlotte International Auto Show takes place every year, showcasing the latest cars and trucks of many makes and models. The second largest car show in the United States takes place in Charlotte during February. Here you can see the newest models from General Motors, Nissan, and Chrysler.

If you are looking for a new vehicle in the Smoky Mountains, you should consider finding one at Durnell's car dealership in Winston-Salem. Durnell's is known across the country for its quality, and its wide variety of models and brands. Whether you need a compact, sedans, or trucks, you will find them here. If you happen to be a wine lover, you will enjoy seeing the many wineries in Gastonia and Wilmington. Keep reading used Nissan Greenville NC to get more ideas.


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